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When your program is stopped at a breakpoint, the WatchMagic window displays the variables referenced by the current procedure/function. When stepping through the program, values that have changed are highlighted. If a variable name or value is too long, you can view it by hovering the mouse over the corresponding row. Hovering the mouse over an integer value will show you the value using hexadecimal notation. Right-click an item in the list to display the context menu. Select "Copy Watch Value/Name" to copy the value or the name of the selected watch to the clipboard.


Select "WatchMagic Options" from the "Tools" menu or the context menu to display the Options dialog. The following options are available:

Sort by Order of References - the watches are displayed in the order in which they appear in the source code

Sort Alphabetically - the watches are sorted alphabetically by their names

Hide Inaccessible Values - watches for which the evaluation result is "Inaccessible value" (for example, an uninitialized object) will be hidden

Hide Objects which can't be evaluated - watches which return "()" will be hidden

Highlight Changed Values - values which have changed since the previous step will be highlighted in red

Declaration <-> Definition Navigation - activates navigating between the declaration and the definition of a method, procedure or function by using the hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+PgUp and Ctrl+Alt+PgDn.

Reset to Default Values - reset all options to their default values