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Why is WatchMagic only available for Delphi® XE?
Currently, WatchMagic is most useful for Delphi® XE Starter Edition. It also works with the other editions of Delphi® XE. Unfortunately, Turbo Delphi can't be supported because it doesn't support loading IDE extensions. As for other Delphi versions, the answer is simple: I don't have them, so I can't compile a version of WatchMagic for that version.
WatchMagic shows too many variables! Is there a way to reduce the amount of variables displayed?
In the options dialog (select "Options" in the context menu), some options are available to hide watches which return "non-useful" values (such as "Inaccessible value"). More sophisticated options, such as displaying a variable only between the first and the last time it is referenced in the function, may be available in future versions. Other than that: leading software design experts recommend having functions which are as short as possible, 30 lines being the maximum, and how many variables can you use in 30 lines of code?
Will using WatchMagic have unwanted side effects on the program being debugged?
When evaluating the watches, WatchMagic sets "Allow side effects" to false, so this should not happen.
But I want to see the result of a function, and WatchMagic won't show it!
You can still use the "Watches" window for that.
Will using WatchMagic slow down my debugger?
That depends on the speed of your PC and the size of the unit you are debugging. Because the parser is very fast, even units with 10,000 lines of code don't produce a noticeable slowdown on my development machine.
I have a question which is not covered by the FAQ. Where can I get an answer?
You can send your question to this e-mail address. I will try to answer all e-mails, but depending on my workload this might take some time.