Brief Description WatchMagic is a debugging expert for Embarcadero® Delphi® XE which displays a dockable window similar to the "Watches" and "Local Variables" windows. You just have to install WatchMagic, place its window anywhere you like in your IDE window while debugging, save the layout and the WatchMagic window will appear in the same place everytime you run a program in debugging mode.

As the name implies, WatchMagic tries to guess which variables you would like to watch and displays them automatically. Most likely, these will be the variables referenced by the procedure or function you are currently debugging - not just the local variables, but all variables used by the function.

WatchMagic is especially handy for Delphi® XE Starter Edition, which doesn't have a "Local Variables" window and doesn't support Tooltip Expression Evaluation.

WatchMagic is freeware, but if you would like to support its continued development via a donation, this will be much appreciated.

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