You can download the current version of WatchMagic here:

watchmagic110.exe506.2 K06/08/20112541WatchMagic Debugging Expert, Version 1.1.0 (Installer executable)


  • Bugfix: After resetting and restarting a program in the debugger, WatchMagic sometimes wouldn't work anymore.
  • Bugfix: under certain circumstances, the watches would not be refreshed.
  • New Feature: Navigate between declaration and definition of a function by using hotkeys.
  • New Feature: Display of hex values as tooltips for integer variables.

SHA1: bf27b22849aba87ef9474e6c18488612a588ac49

watchmagic100.exe504.1 K04/05/20112093WatchMagic Debugging Expert, Version 1.0.0 (Installer executable)

SHA1: 5085ac4535f40cd0a896130337facd0ea0698dab