Welcome to my web site!

For now, there is only one software available here – nieware.net WatchMagic, a debugging expert for Delphi® XE. You can think of it as an expanded "local variables" window – it doesn't just show the local variables of a function, it shows all variables referenced by the function.


06/12/2011WatchMagic 1.1.0 has been released! Besides some bugfixing, the new version offers two new features: it allows jumping from declaration to definition of a method and back using hotkeys and it shows the hex values of integer variables. Download now...
04/08/2011I have added three ideas of mine to the UserVoice feedback page as an example of upcoming features. Depending on how many votes they get, they may be implemented in the next version. Of course, you are also welcome to make your own suggestions for improvement.
04/05/2011WatchMagic 1.0.0 has been released! Download now...